These Demo Reels feature the amazing work of Houdini customers worldwide. Congratulations to all the artists and studios responsible for these fantastic shots!


my Hobbes
Wine Glass FLIP Simulation
Jeronimo Maggi
grooming hair
Francisco Tejo
Heart wants what the heart wants - Round 2 - Front
Kevin Perelman
Scattered Glass Cubes
Blindsight Project Teaser
Danil Krivoruchko
Decorating terrain
Jonne Geven


Game Tools | Terrain Tools

The two Houdini Digital Assets (HDA) for converting a Heightfield into other data, are two tools that work perfectly together ...

Creating A Procedural Snowflake

We have something special for the upcoming holiday season for you: Snowflakes! This was the very first paper I ever ...

Cat Quad-Rigging - Intro

Here is the entire process of rigging a quadruped character from scratch - from basic techniques for creating bones, capturing ...

Game Tools | Skinning Converter

Skinning Converter is a Houdini Digital Asset (HDA) that can convert any non-changing topology deforming mesh sequence into a bone ...

How to Stay Procedural in Houdini with VEX

I tackle an interesting problem - how to stay procedural in Houdini. As an example I used a suggestion from ...

Tips and Tricks - Episode 3

Houdini Tips, Tricks and Tutorials for beginners... 05:00 - Boolean & Bevel System 16:11 - Lay out Nodes 17:00 - ...

Chain Link Fence | Part 3

Here is a tutorial part 3 of how to create the Chain Link Fence. Hip File

Torch Holder

This video tutorial will give you a completely different approach of creating a prop as in an usual game dev ...

Houdini Dust Integration

Welcome to this new series about how to create a dust disintegration effect. We’ll start by preparing our geometry so ...

Beginner Procedural Modeling | Chapters 1-4

In this tutorial I explain the first steps of getting into procedural modeling respecting uv's and other features like curve ...