Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 16.0.618 Adding a basic support for ramps in OSL for RenderMan. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Added mapable viewport isolator shelf tools to isolate, append, remove and clear isolation. The shelf tools aren't currently mapped to any hotkey. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Fixed crashes caused by executing*() HOM methods in the Python Shell. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 The viewport alembic refinment now respects the abcfilename intrinsic. If it specifies a different alembic file than the one the Alembic primitive was created for, it will switch the Alembic geometry for the geometry in the new file. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Fixed a memory leak in Houdini that caused the TAB menu to take longer and longer to open. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 A race condition building spare parameters could cause a crash when first executing a compiled block that contains attribute vops in a fresh Houdini session. Fixed by forcing the creation of spare parms when compiling the block. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Attribute Expression SOP (and hence new Point SOP) will now pick up point selections when invoked from the viewport. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Fixed Animation Editor 'Show Only Selected Handles' mode that wasn't clearing selection properly. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Fixed Python error when invoke Characters/Rigging shelf tools while the viewer is pointing to a CHOP network. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Gas Field Wrangle DOP now exposes the data binding options. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Fixed a viewport crash when an Instance object no longer references another object. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 When importing Alembic, Houdini will now handle filenames containing spaces. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Fixed an issue with indexing vertex and primitive attributes with larger meshes. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Heightfield Scatter no longer double-applies the height of the corner points of the heightfield when there is no mask specified. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 The TRS and XYZ menus were hooked up backwards in the Copy and Transform SOP. They now properly match the old Copy Stamp SOP. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.618 Fixed crash when specifying a GLSL shader file without a filename extension to identify its shader type (.vert, .frag, etc). yesterday
Houdini 16.0.614 The Create Digital Asset from Node dialog is now horizontally stretchable. Fri. May 19, 2017
Houdini 16.0.614 Fixed a bug that made the Morph state completely unusable. Fri. May 19, 2017
Houdini 16.0.614 Fixed a potential endless loop in generated VEX code. Fri. May 19, 2017
Houdini 16.0.614 Fixed a bug which could have caused stack overflow crashes in mantra when there were a very large number of instances sharing complex geometry. Fri. May 19, 2017
Houdini 16.0.614 The OCIO_ACTIVE_DISPLAYS and OCIO_ACTIVE_VIEWS will now override the active_displays and active_views commands in config.ocio if they are defined. This allows the user to set the display/view properly. If they specify more than one display or view (comma separated), the first display or view will be taken as the default. Fri. May 19, 2017
Houdini 16.0.614 Fixed a bug that was preventing the repulsion and friction parameters from being applied correctly to collisions in the Wire solver. Fri. May 19, 2017
Houdini 16.0.614 Fixed a bug with the parameter RMB menu where invoking an action in the menu using a hotkey did not apply the action to the corrent parameter. Fri. May 19, 2017
Houdini 16.0.614 Significant speed and robustness improvements in the Guide Process SOP's set length operation.

This fixes a bug that could sometimes cause the tip points of guides to jump to the origin.

Fri. May 19, 2017
Houdini 16.0.614 The HOM method hou.houdiniPath() now takes an optional argument to specify the path variable to expand. For example:


will return the list of directories searched by the HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH variable. When no variable name is passed, the HOUDINI_PATH is used. Note that only path variables that are listed in "hconfig -ap" are considered valid input.

Fri. May 19, 2017
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