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Cloth's slow speed Nov. 15, 2017, 12:56 p.m.

contacting you directly - the “higher ups” right now aren't too keen on getting the final bits published before release.

Cloth's slow speed Nov. 15, 2017, 12:48 p.m.

before this gets out of hand:
I am in no way saying that Houdini's cloth is better, faster or more fluffy than anything else. I merely refuse to accept “it's unusable” (for cloth sims).
What I am trying to do with the tut is help people get started and, hopefully, get some problems solved. I am the first, third and last to keep repeating: USE THE TOOL THAT GETS THE JOB DONE. Don't be religious about tools, except maybe with religious tools.

If you don't have access to … xyz, but Houdini is a choice, you can use Houdini to do (good) cloth simulations. That's all I want to help people with. Not replace specialized solutions.
Plus I want to be fair. A general purpose tool - like Houdini - most likely will be inferior to specialized tools. The question is: DO you have the resources to go specialized? If yes, do so. If no, that's where I think cooperation, R&D and creating tutorials that help others comes in handy.


Cloth's slow speed Nov. 15, 2017, 10:05 a.m.

You know, it seems - in recent years - that forums are being used to tell people what is NOT possible in a software. I don't know what you would call “good cloth simulation” (the problem being that a lot of cloth simulation I see in movies is, in my eyes, just plain bad - because it's “artistically directed”, not “physically plausible”), so I cannot really help you with examples.

However, I can tell you that the last Mica cloth sim I did on Trollbridge was using Houdini 16.0. It took me 24 minutes to do the complete shot including all import, export etc. - a shot that I had “simmed” two years ago using modo. In modo this shot took me, all in all, about 50 hours. And the TD was happy with the result. That is: in both cases.
It would have taken me roughly about 3 minutes to do it in syFlex, I know. But unfortunately I only have syFlex for modo, not for Houdini - and using modo would have pumped those 3 minutes up to 2 hours including all the crashes.

My “job”, when I work for companies, studios and whatsnots, usually is to solve problems, not to be the problem. Telling people what is not possible creates problems because it breaks creativity and stops people from THINKING.
Telling people what could be better and where exactly the problems are (omitting phrases like “good-looking” because that, obviously, is highly subjective) would be productive and might lead to improvements.


P.S. sorry for answering, I promised to shut up :-D