I tackle an interesting problem - how to stay procedural in Houdini. As an example I used a suggestion from the Houdini Facebook Group - how to create a procedural "Make Circle" function.
By selecting parts of the Geometry by hand I have a problem in my prcedural chain. I tried to find a possible solution by using the VEX logic.
What are your thoughts about the presented solution? Do you have more ideas where a procedural approach is needed? It could be an interesting new series - Make it Procedural - where I take your ideas and find the VEX coding to implement it.


  • Blumenbart 4 days, 22 hours ago  | 

    Very helpful! Would love to see more!
    Thank you.

    • Life_Effects 4 days, 22 hours ago  | 

      Thanks for watching! :)

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